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Stone and Cedar Exterior with Double Door Front Entry


For over three decades, Chris Parrott Homes has provided turn-key construction services to homeowners. While this requires only a minimal amount of your time and effort to ensure your home is built to your specifications, we have found many people interested in assuming a more active role in the homebuilding process.

In order to accommodate a prospective homeowner's desires to either build the home themselves or have a very active role in the building process, we also offer a selection of fee-based services, where we will assist you with only those areas of the project which you would like us to oversee. Our 37 years of construction, business management, and project management experience will provide you with the support you need and will also be there as your safety net, should you feel overwhelmed at any stage in the construction process. Some of the fee-based services we offer include, but are not limited to:

• Project design & architect referral
• Planning & estimating
• Budgeting
• Cost-benefit analysis of desired features
• Permitting & inspections
• Subcontractor negotiation & acquisition
• Subcontractor management
• Project scheduling & coordination
• Job site supervision
• Management of change orders
• Quality control
• Issue resolution
• Workman’s Compensation & General Liability Insurance
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